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Do you feel judged by women on how much money you can make, how you look or how successful you are?

Gaurav Shakya
Branch Manager, Century Bank

I believe that the combination of money, looks and success can be considered as an asset by every man, whether you earn it or inherit it. However, I personally feel that looks can deceive a person. In the movie Notting Hill, there is a line that says “One day my looks will go and I will be a sad middle aged woman who looks like someone who was famous for a while”. Looks are temporary. Money can help keep you young for awhile more, but money can’t really buy you love.

Men are definitely judged by how successful we are because women are wise and know that success is hard to earn and a result of sheer talent, drive, devotion and skills. Further, a successful man can easily make money and create a secure future.