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Get ready to sweat !

Making love can make for a great time and comes with other benefits as well. If done the right way, sex can be sexercise: Men burn an average of 100 calories per sex session while women burn 69 (yes, 69) calories. To calculate how many calories you burn the next time you have sex, multiply the time in minutes by 4.2 (for men) or 3.1 (for women).

Plank pose on top

This is a wonderful way to enliven the traditional missionary position. Have him hold a plank and wrap your legs around him so that he has to bear your weight as well. Allow him to enter you with just the tip and then have him pull out. Count to 30 in this position.

You can switch by having him on the bottom and you in plank. You will lower down to have him enter you while you remain in the plank position. Or flip over and make it doggie style.

Bridge pose

Place your hands behind you and your legs parallel stretched out in front of you and rise up on your palms with your legs extended. Your buttocks should come off the floor. Keep your head in line with your body.

Resist the urge to allow your head to drop back. Hold the bridge for 30 seconds. Have him straddle you and penetrate. You can also perform oral on him while in bridge pose.

Sexercise: Easy ways to get in shape during sex

Shoulder stand

Another great calorie burner is the shoulder stand. This works best on a soft, supported surface. At the very least, place a blanket on the floor.

Have your partner grab your ankles and pull your legs up over your head. Help him by thrusting your hips and legs upward while using the support of your arms to ground you down with your arms pressing against the floor. Separate your legs slightly to allow him to enter you.

Standing missionary

This is one of the most difficult positions because usually the woman is lifted by the man. You can cheat by having your back up against a wall when he lifts you.
Wrap your legs around his pelvis and press your back into the wall. Use your core strength to keep you upright. Wrap your arms around him to help support your weight. You can also wrap one leg around him and stand on the other and do the deed.

Regardless of the position, you must have the stamina to play while standing.

The plough

To get into the plough position; start off by lying on your stomach on the bed with your hips touching the edge. Then, support yourself by resting on your elbows. Your guy then stands between your legs and stands in between your thighs.

This position is great for really deep penetration.

Happy baby

You might have learned about happy baby during your last yoga class. It also doubles a calorie-crushing sex position.

Lie on your back with your knees drawn in towards your chest. Grab your feet with your hands. Make sure your arms are in front of your shins, and you are holding on to the outside edges of your feet. Draw your shoulders onto your back, stretch your arms, and flex your feet as you pull down on your feet. Draw your knees wide and toward your armpits and try to align the ankles with the knees. Lengthen your lower back down to the ground and try to touch the tip of your tailbone to the floor.

Stay here for one minute at least and allow him to enter you. Release and draw your knees into your chest.

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