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Would you get in a relationship with a woman who has a child from her previous relationship?

Ashish Gajurel

Traffic Engineer

Ashish-GajurelAs someone who is happily married, I cannot think of being in a relationship with anybody else. Hence, the answer to this question is purely hypothetical.
Had I been a bachelor and available and in such circumstances met and fallen in love with someone who had a child from a previous relationship, I would readily accept her and the child. I would not attempt to replace the child’s biological father as I think that is virtually impossible. What I would do is try to provide for her and the child to the best of my ability and form my own unique bond with them so that I too can become an invaluable part of their life. I think there is no harm in doing so.

Human relationship is a delicate thing and can break in the face of harsh and testing circumstances. However, this should not prevent anyone from trying to start afresh in life and stop believing in love and relationships. This is the only way anyone can progress in life. Not holding on to the past is a sign of great emotional maturity. I would think this as progressive thinking and this kind of positive attitude towards such relationships should definitely be accepted and promoted as and when they do happen.