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Would you get in a relationship with a woman who has a child from her previous relationship?

Srijan Man Nakarmi

Electrical engineer/ Musician/Member, We For Nepal

Srijan-Man-NakarmiIt’s really funny that I was asking this very question to myself a few weeks ago… as I was letting my mind wander since the search for a bride is going on. I feel that I wouldn’t mind marrying a woman with a child as long as we are compatible and committed towards each other. But the only thing that would bother me is the chemistry between me and the child. I understand that it is more up to me how the relation will be. However, in spite of efforts, will the child really be able to accept me as a parent and will I be able to see the kid as my own?

If things work out fine, I think I am up for it. But, basically, I think my decision will depend on various factors. If it works for all, I don’t mind. Although it looks like a big deal today, with the increasing rate of divorce rising, I believe it will be a common thing in some years.