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get rid of toxic thoughts

The mind is the most powerful tool that human beings have. As we celebrated the Hyatt WOW Women Achievers Award 2018, I looked with quiet pride at the women honorees and the panel of speakers. Women have made an arduous journey and women have come a long way. While Srishti KC overcame a personal tragedy to become a motivational speaker, Aayushi KC chose to pursue her dream of creating a zero waste Nepal, Dr Tseten epitomizes fortitude and wisdom, Shailee Basnet seeks to spread positivity and laughter, and Ranju Darshana unlocked the power of youth potential. These young women show us what single minded pursuit of one’s goals can achieve. They show us the power of the mind.

Our thoughts are powerful and they frame the triumphs and tragedies of our lives. The key is the mind. When you unlock the power of the mind, you unlock limitless possibilities. A recent article I read spoke about four simple things we can do to shift our mindset for success and fulfillment. The first is to be careful about the thoughts we accept because these very thoughts create our life. What you plant is what you produce. The second is to get rid of toxic thoughts. Toxic thoughts make the mind a battlefield. It creates a war between what is truly possible and what we perceive as possible for our lives. The third is to plant positive thoughts that inspire our greater potential. Reprogramming the mind can be tedious and challenging but it is the only way to reach your true potential. When we consciously plant positive thoughts, we challenge our belief systems and habits, and this allows you to break barriers between you and your life of dreams. The fourth is to renew your mind daily. Lack of maintenance inevitably causes malfunction. It is the same with the mind. Scrutinize and question what you think and how you think consistently. If you don’t like what you see, you must change. Transformation only happens when you change how you think.

The thoughts that take you to a happy place are the thoughts to keep.