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Giving Flight to HER Dreams

A hard working young woman with big dreams, Aashika Shrestha is cabin crew chief with a reputed domestic airline. She was crowned Miss Teen Nepal in 2013 and has been modelling as well. The 20 year old go getter is however a woman who knows what she wants from life and is set to create a life journey filled with new adventures and bigger career aspirations.


Describe yourself in 3 words
Strong, independent, and friendly

Your biggest strength
My passion and dedication for what I do besides all the people who have been supporting me in what I do.

Your goal
I have this very big goal of working for a certain international airlines as an air stewardess… I am proud to say it is slowly coming to life.

aashika6_wowYou are happiest when…
I am happiest when the people I love are happy, and spending time with family and near and dear ones.

Fashion is
A blend of beauty and aesthetics. It’s also what’s hot in the market.

You are secretly afraid of…
Failure….. and bugs. (laughs)

Style VS trend
I do follow the latest trends but I am more into style than trends.

Life is…
Life is a one-shot game. It’s too short to not chase your dreams or not make a mark in the world. There may have been a few things that I should have done but didn’t -yet I don’t have big regrets.

Ten years from now…
I will probably be retired from my successful international cabin crew career. I will be back in Nepal doing business, social work and still travelling. Maybe married too. LOL!


Best compliment you have received
My mom said, “You are such a strong woman and you can achieve anything in life”
Three things you plan to do in your lifetime
I plan to travel the world with the love of my life, give back to my parents, and spread happiness in people’s lives.
Your signature style this summer
This summer I am using a lot of crop tops, tank tops, shorts as well as rompers and sundresses. I am slowly getting obsessed with cool and classic sunglasses as well!