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Go Floral

Florals for spring is just the thing! And there are tons of unique ways to wear pretty flower patterns. Below we have listed a few fun, new ways to add florals into your closet and beauty routine!

style-tipsstyle-shoe# Shoes, Scarf or a bow – Floral accessories are so fun because they really work with anything. They can punch up any solid, monochromatic look, but they also pair well with prints like stripes or gingham.

style-lipstick# Large-scale florals are a modern take on the sweet, romantic look, but if you’re not looking for a bold pattern, a small pop of flowers is always a great idea. If you are wearing a super rosy outfit, balance it with more modern accessories for a fashion-forward take.

style-body-shop# Why let fashion have all the fun? Gorgeous flowers, whether included in the product or packaging, make for a better skin care routine. It doesn’t hurt that they are practically guaranteed to smell great.

# Throwing a small bouquet in a vase is the quickest way to liven up a room, but if you’re looking for more adventurous uses around the house, indulge in your inner flower child with a flower crown or even set out some delicious candy flowers!