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Rakshya Shahi

Fashion Designer

Rakshya Shahi, Fashion Designer

Rakshya Shahi is a recognised designer and stylist who loves shopping and jewelleries. Her motto: go with the flow.

Something that spring brings to mind

The first thing that strikes my mind is the pleasant climate and vivid colours. I can also get rid of my winter wear.

Summer fashion

Lots of bright coloured floral prints, abstract prints, flared pants, summer jackets, light fabrics.

Brands I swear by

There are lots but I prefer Axara, Mango and Zara.


Always in my kit

I use minimal makeup. It’s just lipstick, mascara and hand lotion.


Signature look for 2016

Summer jacket and flared pants


Violette Angel by Thierry Mugler and Bright Crystal by Versace