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Sharon Adhikari

Student/Co-founder/Vice-President, Children for Children

An art enthusiast, Sharon Adhikari likes to loosen up dancing or walking with headphones on. A doodler Sharon is fond of travelling, reading and researching random topics on the internet.

Sharon Adhikari, Student/Co-founder/Vice-President, Children for Children

Something that spring brings to mind

When someone says spring, I picture bright colours, sunny days, happy faces, a clear blue sky and a lovely morning to begin the day… all with a pinch of positivity.

Summer fashion

I normally go for jeans with a colourful V-neck tee/shirt, printed button up blouse or light coloured kurtis with sling bags, wedges, sandals or jelly shoes. For a planned day, I prefer maxi, one piece or long floral skirt.

Brands I swear by

I am not brand conscious. I pick up anything that suits me or I am comfortable in. I do check for the quality of material used.

In my makeup bag

I always carry lotion, moisturiser, a lipstick/gloss and a compact. I think the most important one for me though is mascara and a good make up blender. It could even be a brush. Along with it all, I make sure to carry Ittar.

Signature look for summer 2016

I don’t really have a signature look! But I like the idea of trying on single coloured medium flare pants with low neck fitting crop blouse.


I am a collector when it comes to good fragrance. As I mentioned before, I need to have Ittar. Besides that, I use Tiamo, Incanto, Victoria’s Secret (Sensual Blush), Diamonds and Rubies and Versace Crystal Noir depending on my mood.