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Green Growth


Green Growth (Saurav Dhakal)
Age: 36
Business: organic produce with home delivery

What is the idea/story behind your business?
I am a storyteller at Story Cycle and have been travelling to different parts of the country. In 2012, I travelled on the Great Himalayan Trail which was a 99 days trek. I got to observe different local produce like walnuts in Jumla, beans and apples around Mustang, organic tea near Kanchenjunga, etc. I began thinking about how to link these products with the market. After I got back from the GHT, I started working with a group of youth from different parts of rural Nepal. While training them on online content, I set up a team with Samita, Deepika, Manisha, Nischal and Roshis and started a social media campaign under the name – GreenGrowth. We then developed a delivery mechanism to different points in Kathmandu.

How difficult was it to start, and what kept you going through the challenges?
Due to the weak transportation system in rural areas, it was really tough to transport products to Kathmandu. As a solution we identified a local farm house as base and coordinated with local transport channels to deliver products from remote areas to Kathmandu.

One ‘Aha’ moment in the business…
Last year we sold out about 1000 kgs of walnuts from Jumla. This was really exciting and encouraging.

Did you always want to be an entrepreneur?
I don’t know. I enjoy storytelling but now my stories have more impact as I can deliver products with them.

The one thing you absolutely love about what you do?
I love to travel and collect and curate indigenous products.

What makes it worthwhile?
When we introduce new local products in our weekly bucket, our subscribers really enjoy it.

What next?
We are launching a web platform to reach out to more subscribers and will also be adopting more organic/local farms at different points to collect more varieties of produce.