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A Happy & Healthier Heart- Talk Show by Dr Bharat Rawat

An informative talk show ‘For a Happy and Healthier Heart’ took place on December 18 at Hotel Platinum organised by Vayodhya Hospital. Dr. Bharat Rawat, Associate Director Cardiology, Medanta Hospital, Indore and motivational speaker shared various beneficial perspectives on keeping our heart healthy and conducting a happy life. Divided into two sessions Dr. Rawat gave a presentation on physical fitness while in the second part he talked about mental health and ways of reducing stress and tension.

According to him eating healthy food and stopping inappropriate thinking is the best tool to be healthier and happier. Focusing on cardiac health, he said that even small symptoms should not be ignored and taking the patient to the hospital at the right time is a must. He also suggested that consuming less oil and salt are very beneficial to making the heart healthy. It was an interactive session with active participation from the audience. At the end of the session Dr. Prem Lashkar was honoured with the book, A Book on Health written by Dr. Rawat.