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Happy to be a Woman – Deeya Maskey

We can do almost anything we put on our mind to.
We can swim the deepest ocean and climb the highest peak.
Be a doctor or fly a plane.
We can face adversity and still walk tall.

We are strong and compassionate and much more than words could ever say, today is ours, and so is ever other day … quips Deeya Maskey, a talented and verstalie actor known for her fearless choice of characters. She began her journey in films with ‘Kagbeni’ in 2008. She does theatre, films and dance with equal passion, and will now be seen hosting a TV reality show called the Himalayan Roadies.

Married to actor director, Anup Baral in 2014, Deeya loves to travel and try new foods.

Describe yourself in 3 words
Honest, generous and a hard worker

Your biggest strength
I think, my biggest strength is my talent. I am blessed that I can dance which helps me a lot in pursuing my career in performing arts. Dance has given me flexibility and the power to express different emotions through gestures, posture and codified mudras. These are vital in shaping an actor’s body and mind.

Your goal
My ultimate goal in life is simply to be happy! Which really means working in a field that I am passionate about, being healthy, and having ample free time to pursue my interests. If I am happy inside, I can share my happiness with others.

quick-fiveYou are happiest when…
I am happiest when I am around those I love. I am happiest discovering new things… an interesting book, a beautiful movie, an innovative piece of art. The ability to translate my ideas into my performance also brings me happiness.

Your first crush…
My first crush was my geography teacher. (giggle)… when I was in grade 8. He was tall, dark and handsome. We called him TDH!

What are you are secretly afraid of…
If I tell you, it will be no secret anymore!

Style VS trend
Trends fade with time; style has the quality of timelessness. Style is more about personal choices, it depicts your identity.

Ten years from now…
I just want to enjoy every moment of my life to the fullest by doing the work I want to do. I want my creativity and imagination put to a finished project that people can see and smile about.

Life is…
Is beautiful gift. Live your dream and wear your passion.

Do you watch your own movies?
Yes I do, especially the premier show. Being an actor, whenever I watch my movies I am never satisfied. I feel I could have done so much better. I have rarely felt happy about my performances.