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Hate Exercise. Think Again!

Sandesh Palungwa Limbu is a certified professional fitness instructor, founder of RAGE Fitness, and also specialises in mixed martial arts. For answers to your fitness queries, write to him at ragefitness@live.com
Sandesh Palungwa Limbu is a certified professional fitness instructor, founder of RAGE Fitness, and also specialises in mixed martial arts. For answers to your fitness queries, write to him at ragefitness@live.com

I know some people who hate exercise. They dislike it so much that they would rather think up a thousand excuses than start. Then there are some who will try a class or two but are just unable to continue. Then there are those who have just given up on themselves because the goal seems so far out of reach.

I understand it’s not easy. I know it’s actually hard for some of you. But I also know that it’s not impossible or as complicated as you make it out to be. It’s just a matter of understanding why it’s important to exercise and what exercise really does for you. I believe that everyone – regardless of fitness level – should work out 30 minutes a day, four days a week… and some days if you just can’t, don’t worry, but get right back on track the next day.

I am often asked how do I keep myself motivated. Frankly there are no external fixes to get you on a regular exercise regimen; it’s an inside job totally! However, there are some things that might just help:

  • For those of you who haven’t even started. Please just walk a little more each day. It may seem a small step, but it really adds up.
  • Hate the treadmill; get your instructor to give you a circuit. Circuit training will keep the boredom out and give you enough options on a mix of cardio and strength training.
  • For those who are beginning to feel a plateau or are plain bored, expand your routine repertoire. Try something new or just amp the intensity level.
  • Always tired. Exercising at an easy pace will actually release more energy than sitting down fatigued. Give it a try!
  • Missed your class again. Try prioritising your exercise routine. Jot it down on your planner just as you would an important meeting. This is the most important meeting of all – It’s with YOU! And if you are really short on time, cut down your routine to just 20 minutes.
  • DVDs are great if you can’t get yourself outdoors enough or to the gym. Just ensure that you are doing it right and are not overly exhausted or ambitious about what you are selecting to do.
  • Invest in a home gym if you have the space and inclination. You don’t have to buy everything all at once, just keep adding as you progress.
  • Get outdoors. Walking, hiking, running and cycling are great ways to stay in shape while you enjoy the weather.
  • Track your results. It’s important to see how much progress you are making on a regular basis.
  • What you put into your body is really important. Eat more consciously. Eat a balanced diet and learn to enjoy seasonal vegetables and fruits as much as you can.
  • Stay hydrated. Some hunger pangs and cravings are just thirst in disguise.
  • Set goals. It’s important to aim for something when you set out to exercise. It could be losing a few kilos, toning your muscles, or simply being able to run a kilometer without pause.
  • Enjoy what you do. Exercise challenges you but it will make you feel good.
  • There’s a difference between wanting to exercise and actually doing it! The difference will show in the way you look and feel.
  • Exercise has innumerable health benefits. Don’t get to a point where your doctor has to tell you to exercise for fear of consequences to your wellbeing. Be smarter than that. Just like you take responsibility for innumerable things in life each day, take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.