Health Question Answers April Issue 2017


Q. I am 47 years old and have very dry skin. I use the best branded moisturisers and serums which are helpful but find that as the day progresses my skin becomes drier and patchy. Due to this I am unable to wear any cosmetics. I am also very sensitive to the sun. Please could you advise what I should do to take better care of my skin as I am worried that I will develop wrinkles? I would also like to know what type of facial would suit my skin and how often should I have one?- Bandana Shah

A. Embrace the changes in your skin. Consider whether you need more hydration in your skin or a less powdered finish. Use one that is full of nutrients, because your anti-aging regime begins with a cleanser that nourishes your skin rather than depleting it. Your skin should feel nourished right from your cleanser all the way through your skincare regime. Don’t use skincare that contains mineral oil/petrolatum ingredients as they act like a plastic wrapper on the skin and don’t allow the skin to expel toxins or absorb nutrients. Literally, they suffocate the skin. Switch to lighter makeup. Heavy foundation and powder can sink into wrinkles and lines making you look older than you are. A softer eye shadow and lighter lip colour will hide imperfections and minimise attention to problem areas. Moisturise well before applying base colour so your skin is well hydrated and your wrinkles are less likely to show. I would highly recommend you to have a facial treatment professionally, once a month which will help your skin texture and stimulate all the blood cells. A CORRECTIVE FACIAL would be the best for you as it’s based on the lymphatic system which helps with anti aging, lifting, detoxing, improves blood circulation and increases oxygen supply. For more information please do not hesitate to contact me at Dolly’s.


Q. I am a 40 year old unmarried woman. My problem is discomfort and pain leading up to my periods and heaviness and cramps during periods. I have always had irregular periods but I am really unable to bear the heaviness in the pelvic area and irritation in the vagina. Is there anything I can do to ease this condition besides taking painkillers? – Junu Regmi

A. There could be many reasons for the symptoms you are having. Pain killers will give you only symptomatic relief. You do not know what is going on in your reproductive system. I will suggest you see a gynecologist as soon as possible and get it sorted out.