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Do phone passwords ruin relationships?

Hemant Rana

The very first thing is that relationships are based on trust and not passwords. However, it is correct that passwords do create a state of confusion at times and does leave room for doubts. What we need to understand is that we play different roles in our day to day life. We are sons and daughters, employee, somebody’s brother or sister, friends and at the same time a lover, boyfriend or girlfriend or a husband or wife. Now when it comes to cell phones; all numbers, texts, inbox messages, social media and all the possible connection you have with humans is stored in that particular phone. That is the reason why your phone is so important to you and you keep it locked in order to avoid any kind of loss of data, pictures or messages.

Coming back to the relationship factor, individuals need to understand the need for privacy in certain things and that includes phones and bathrooms. Just because your phone is locked does not mean that you are cheating on your partner or have something to hide. Even if your phone is blank, you still have the right to lock it and keep it away. And if someone really wants to be disloyal, there are hundreds of ways to do that and even if you search the phone for life, you might not find a single thing there. Apart from that, sometimes you don’t want your partner to go through messages your friends might have sent you. Sometimes guys tend to send messages and pictures that might be inappropriate for your partner to view. Sometimes girls send messages to their girlfriends related to certain things that might make a guy uncomfortable. Once again you play different roles in your life and everything related to those different roles are stored in your phone and it is unfair for the rest of the people in your life that you share what they shared with you with your partner.

Your phone is the centre of everything that goes on in your life and the only person who actually needs to have access to it is no one but YOU. So, I want to say, keep your thoughts clean and build trust in your relationship and don’t let a password ruin it. If things are not meant to happen, a password unprotected phone will not save it and if it is meant to happen, a locked phone will not destroy it. So, say yes to locked phones and say yes to privacy.