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Here To Steal Your Heart

Barsha Karmacharya (K-Rain) has stirred the waves with her hit number Oh Maicha with Brijesh Shrestha. The song is loved for it’s refreshing fusion and extremely entertaining video. Karmacharya also has hit numbers such Sarara, Maan chaina and Akash ko tara in her repertoire.

How would you introduce yourself?

I am a simple girl with an immense passion for music. I would love to contribute to the music industry in anyway possible. I have been very lucky in my musical journey as I have garnered a lot of appreciation; this motivates me to do more.

What was the inspiration behind Oh Maicha?

After I started living in the US, I realised how blessed we are to live in Nepal, a country with such rich culture. This always made me want to do a song that reflected our culture and ethnicity. Oh Maicha was fresh and was a fusion of Newari language. I am very happy to be a part of this song.

How was the collaboration with Brijesh Shrestha and Ness Studio?

Our audiences have really appreciated my collaboration with Brijesh and Ness Studio.We are coming up with something new again. I guess we are lucky for each other when it comes to making music.

What are the things that you keep under consideration while singing and shooting for music videos?

When it comes to singing, I always try to feel the words and reflect what I am feeling through my voice. As for music videos, I simply step into the character that the song demands.

Has success changed your life?

I don’t believe in change that comes after success rather I want to grow, learn more and reach new heights. I believe in finding opportunity in every success.

What are you currently busy with?

I will go back to the States as I have a small business to take care of. I am also planning to do a few performances in the States. Further, there are a couple of singles lined which will be releasing soon.

Which is your all-time favourite song?

Sarara. We have put on a lot of hard work and effort to this song so it will always remain close to my heart.

Text by: Rojina Maharjan
Photo: Ram Tandukar
Location: SASAA, the Newa Restaurant, Kirtipur
Contact: 01-4336770