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How can men celebrate the success of women?

Compiled by: Anushka Shrestha
wow photo file © Gokul Shrees

Shakti Begani,
CEO, Shree Ganapati Jewellers & Managing Director,
Begani Group

The road to success has many ups and downs, so encourage her when she is stepping towards success. Give her the assurance that you will be there for her no matter what. The best way to promote, encourage and celebrate the success of a woman is by being her support throughout.

Ashutosh Tiwari
Managing Director, Safal Partners

Not every man can celebrate the success of women. Insecure men may take it more as competition and try to sabotage a woman’s success by undermining her confidence. Secure men, on the whole, will take women’s success as an example of ‘the size of the pie’ as it were eventually getting bigger for all.

Women’s success should be celebrated not as women being perfect, but as their getting better in what they love to do in a fulfilled manner on their own terms by living up to their potential. Successful women, as role models, make societies successful by giving wings to many dreams.

Subin Shrestha
Executive Committee Member, NYEF & Strategic Business Manager, Quest Pharmaceuticals

Women at work are a wonder. With the growth of gender equality movements and the rise of feminism, everyone should come together and encourage a healthier balance of diversity for a better world. Men should appreciate the women in their life, self-reflect about what they can do to help empower women. Sometimes the only thing women need from men is appreciation and moral support. Men should understand the challenges women face and recognise her achievements by promoting campaigns such as ‘Women’s Day’ etc.

Sabir Bade Shrestha
CEO, Nabil Investment Banking

Success is often mistaken for accumulation of merely career or monetary accomplishments. For me, if one has been truly happy for most part of their life as a result of their good deeds, one is then a successful person. In this regard, I view personalities like Anuradha Koirala and my mother, who has been a homemaker all her life, no less successful than one another.

I reckon men can celebrate the success of women by truly recognising and heartily giving the credit they deserve for their hard work, by assisting actively where possible in their goals which will encourage them to continue their good deeds, by being genuinely happy for them, and by disseminating inspiration from her success story to society via social media and other platforms. Essentially, a little from us men can go a long away to help more women become successful. Hence, I feel that there is no better way of celebrating women’s success than by helping more women in society have a happy life…which for me is success.

Pawan Rajbhandari
Director of Sales & Marketing, Radisson Hotel

We are born and brought up hearing ‘behind every successful man there is a woman’ but I personally feel it goes both ways. Nowadays with the changing world everyone needs to be treated equally. To have a successful woman in a family is a matter of prestige.

During my school days, I used to see my friend’s mums who were working, and I always wondered why my mum didn’t go to office. I even encouraged her in my own way to go to work. But, later I realised, my mother’s greatest success has been instilling moral values in her children. Now because of her teachings I have been able to learn to encourage and support my wife to achieve her dreams.

There will be instances where women might come across more challenging situation than men. It is in these situations men should create the environment for women to thrive. The biggest way to celebrate the success of a woman is by showing your support.

Ashish P. Pradhan
Director, Evolution Beverages

Every person has a dream that can be turned into reality if we support them to structure it. Women and men are equally capable of doing beautiful things to change the world. As a man I am proud of the achievements of my sisters, aunts and friends. I am especially proud of my wife who can do so much at work. She has always been successful in meeting her goals at Hits FM where she works. I celebrate her success by sharing it proudly amongst my peers and I encourage and challenge her to do more creative things. I am proud to say that she has always come up with remarkable results. Sometimes, we even celebrate her victory by popping some Bottega Prosecco.
Men should encourage women to forget and overcome the old ways of being a housewife or compromising on their dreams to take care of the family. Life is to be celebrated and cherished together!