WOW | Men Speak


Compiled by: Pabita Dahal

Maaz Ashraf
Marketing and Communications Manager, NIU Nepal

Are women solely expected to feel ashamed of something? A gender is not something one defines hence it shouldn’t pick the roles we are supposed to play in marriage between two people to please the hundreds constantly speculating.

Where you set your moral grounds, it is completely up to you and so is how much you let another person’s opinion affect you. Hypothetically speaking, if my partner and I were getting married, I would prefer to start a life of our own in a place of our own, rather than me staying with her parents or god save her soul if she wishes to stay with mine. There is no rule book which states that women must stay at their husband’s house after marriage, it is just expected of them and people are just used to this routine because CHANGE is a concept that is alien to most in a non-individualistic society such as ours. Also, there is no rule book that states men can’t compromise and move in with the wife’s family. In an ideal world if this man decided to break the cultural norms to compromise and stay at his wife’s family home then well done. One tiny step to be a slightly better society!