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How I got the body I wanted

Udip Shrestha is a MBBS graduate, currently working in United Asia Pacific Foundation in Nepal and Asia Kalling Tours in the Philippines. As a teen he was skinny and used to admire movie stars with great bodies. He wanted it badly for himself some day.

Much more beyond that, he has always been a fitness lover. Being fit is a priority and inspiration. He also loves scuba diving, and is a speed enthusiast seriously into sport bikes and cars. Besides this, Dr Udip Shrestha is a passionate traveller who wants to explore the world from every corner.

How did you get the body you wanted?

To have a good body there is simple formula – 3D. Determination, Discipline and Dedication .Working out for three hours, six days a week and pushing my self to my limits is what I follow. As the saying also goes, Good bodies are made in the kitchen, so what you eat is the most important aspect of having a good body.

Lifestyle changes…

This was really challenging because I had to change my entire habits that I was following for so many years. But I made myself stronger than any excuse I had to overcome this. I used to have late nights and smoked too before I started going to gym. Now I strictly manage eight hours of sleep daily. I don’t smoke anymore and drink very occasionally. I don’t compromise on my gym work. My food habits have changed completely. I eat only according to my diet plan atleast 5/6 meals per day. I was huge fan of soft drinks but I quit that too.

Diet tips:

It really depends individually and according to an individual’s targets. But this is what I follow when I am on diet:
I start the day with – 10 egg whites and 4 egg yellows, a cup of milk with oat meal or muesli, and a tablespoon of peanut butter on a slice of whole wheat bread.
For the second (post work out), it is 400 grams of meat or fish (no skin , bones or fat),100grams of brown rice or sweet potato and green vegetables.
Third meal – almonds, an apple, and 200 grams of meat or fish.
Fourth meal – meat or fish 200 grams and 50 grams of sweet potato.
Fifth meal – 5 egg whites and a glass of skimmed milk.
I also drink 3 to 4 litres of water , and take multivitamins and fish oil daily. I only use olive oil. For sweetness I use stevia rather than sugar free.

Workout routine:

Day 1 – Chest , biceps and abs
Day 2 –cardio, legs (thigh and calves), abs
Day 3 – Back , triceps and abs
Day 4 – Cardio, shoulders
Rest the next day
This is my workout routine but everyone should find what works best for them.