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How important is a college degree really?

Shaguni Singh Sakya

Director, KGH Group of Hotels & Resorts and CEO, Prudent Education Foundation


Education can never be wasted. Yes many of us start with jobs in which we are overqualified but every small job is an education by itself. Just because it’s below your degree, does not mean you cannot learn something from it. If the young graduates work with a positive mindset that every job, big or small, will give better opportunities, then they will be more driven to achieve higher. In my company, I’ve employed a number of new graduates; some have a major ego about being over qualified and look down on the job. Others are more practical and humble. It’s always the latter who are more reliable and go ahead professionally.

About student debt, if you decided to take a loan to invest in your studies, then you better work hard to repay it. It’s really difficult with the job market being so competitive but there is little choice but to work hard.

College education is a difficult decision that every parent and student have to make. It’s an issue in every household. For the student it’s a big conflict in terms of subject choices as per interest and whether it has job opportunities; finances – where you can afford to study and as per your academic qualifications – which university you want to be admitted into. It’s a turning point in everyone’s life, and in this day and age, minimal education required is a university degree so there is no way out!