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How important is a college degree really?



CEO, Amravati International

Difficulty in getting jobs is not a new thing. It has always happened and will continue to happen. Years ago there were less graduates and equally low number of institutions where one could get employed. Today it is exactly the other way round with more graduates and equally more institution/companies in the country. Some employers do seek experienced people but there are also quite a few who encourage freshers to join for they believe in grooming and moulding the graduates to gel and understand the philosophy and goals of the company.

About college education, I personally feel that it is a requirement for it brings in maturity in thinking, you gain knowledge, it will teach you to write, read, understand and present well, and also bring confidence to function in the workplace and in personal life. Education ultimately makes one a better person if utilised well. When scouting for jobs, some candidates who in spite of spending years in college waste their opportunity by not taking the job interview seriously. They come ill prepared, present a casual approach and some even come in picnic attire. This is where they go wrong and employers definitely do not want people with such attitude working in their offices.

Over-qualified for a job is something in the mind for fresh graduates. These days, most companies hire freshers as Interns and Management Trainees and slowly move them up the ranks depending on their qualification and merit shown during the training period. No company is going to give you a senior management position if you are just a fresher. Even kids of family owned business go through trainings prior to taking helm of the company so I feel that OQ is not an issue.

Any good company will try and recruit the best so that the company and the recruit grow to be leaders in the future. The expected attitude, potential and personal attributes play a bigger role during the selection process than the marks that the candidate has secured in college. Fresh graduates must also understand that companies would rather keep positions empty than to just have the head-count filled if they feel that they have not found the right candidate.

Lastly, skipping college education may get you out of debt, but will most likely not get you a job either in today’s competitive environment. There are enough jobs available in the market and freshers must choose the right field they want to be in, present yourself well in interviews, be confident and lastly, do not be over ambitious and seek quick returns.