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How important is financial security in a relationship?

Deepika Tuladhar

HR Assistant Manager, EB Pearls


One of the important values that I’ve grown up with is placing happiness over money. Apparently this imprinted value has touched several aspects of my life, including my relationship. I do not deny the need for money in fulfilling day-to-day essentials but that doesn’t mean it is necessary to dwell into financial security to sustain a relationship. Trust, honesty and respect are needed ingredients for better companionship. Thankfully my significant other and I both have been honest and open about our finances from early days. This has helped us make prudent decisions and prevented us from constituting false financial expectations.

Marrying someone who is financial unstable is not an easy decision, but if he is honest, supporting, understanding and sincere about making life better, he is worth marrying. Because finding the right soul mate is equally difficult! With good synergy between two people, all odds can be overcome.