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How Should Rape Be Punished by Law in Nepal?

Atulya-PandeyRape is one of the most serious crimes and I believe legal punishment should reflect that. Convicted rapists should be sentenced with imprisonment of at least 30 years (unto lifetime) to create strong deterrence against this heinous crime.

This is only one part of the equation though. A lot of work needs to be done in Nepal in creating a conducive environment to report sexual assault incidents. Because heavy emphasis is put on ‘shame’ and how the society looks at you and your family, often times incidents of sexual assault are not even reported which empowers offenders. Victim blaming is very common as well. We should focus equally on these aspects to make it easier for victims to come out and report to concerned authorities. Technology can play a big role in this and it is great to see apps like Nidarr playing a role in creating an enabling society.

Atulya Pandey
COO and Co-Founder at Pagevamp