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How Should Rape Be Punished by Law in Nepal?

Awantika-ThapaSex is the most natural and evolutionary aspect of mankind. However, the societal construct often conceals and stigmatises the inevitability of ‘this’ natural procession, and thus, stigma perpetrates the most natural human tendency of ‘curiosity’.

In my perception, this ‘curiosity’ combined with ‘gender roles and ignorance’ misleads most to this heinous crime. Additionally, it further urges us to understand ‘the rapist’ who may likely be driven by either societal aspects or his/her own psyche. Hence, rape, which may be driven by various facets, needs to be dealt with from the grass-root level rather than by imposing certain sets of laws. The change needs to come from bottom up because once a crime is done, it is done and that brings with it various consequences for the victim and the perpetrator both. Two lives ruined!

Rather than dealing with the rapist after the incident and when lives are ruined, the state should take responsibility to protect its citizens… before they are labelled as ‘rapists’ and ‘victims’.

Awantika Thapa
Programme Officer,
Media advocacy group