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How Should Rape Be Punished by Law in Nepal?

Pradipa-ThapaHaving been raised in a society like ours, it is extremely hard to talk about rape. Although things are slowly changing, and women and men have both come to the forefont to discuss the issue, we cannot deny that the topic is still considered a taboo.

This outlook on rape has made survivors of such act feel helpless while in many ways encouraged the rapist. Since, matters of rape and the punishment needed for rape is not discussed openly, rapists think they can get away with it. Hence, first the society should be open to talk about rape or any form of sexual assault, start teaching children and young adults about it, and then only work towards capital punishment. As for those who committed the crime, a jail sentence will not change much, they need to be held accountable for their actions and given the death sentence.
It is time that we practice strict laws so that people do not get away with rape. We need to start setting example through our punishment which would hopefully discourage many from engaging in such a heinous act. Additionally, we should foster an environment where the dangers of such things could be discussed more openly.

Pradipa Thapa
Action Learner
VSO Nepal