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Dipa Gurung

Dipa is best known for her beauty expertise. She started her beauty blog first and then ventured into YouTube in 2010. Currently, she has more than 349K subscribers on Youtube and 35.8K followers on Instagram.

“Social media has changed how we perceive information and communicate. The instantaneous side of social media has made our generation evolve into an era of fast paced individuals also changing how we share content and network. It has made individuals like me dream bigger and go for potential we never even dreamed of. As my intention was to help and inform people, it was my intense interest that helped me propel in the marketplace. Social media has been a rewarding experience for me. I use YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. One needs to have a key strategy in the first place. Your vision should be so big that no matter how social media changes, you should always be willing to stay hungry, learn and adapt despite the different social forecasts. Social media is an ever-changing platform so the tactics which I used before to garner audience might not work today, but the very aspect of being a content creator is to think as an entrepreneur and create value for people.

There’s no secret to flourishing in social media, it’s the intention and value that matters in the long run. Expressing authenticity in my work and a willingness to help others creates an endogenous bridge to reach out to people”.

YouTube: GDiipa Skincare, Makeup & Lifestyle 
Instagram: gdiipa