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Muna Gauchan

With more than 63K followers, Muna is truly becoming the Instagram ‘It’ girl. The model is the face of Classic Diamond. She has walked on some of the biggest ramp shows and appeared on numerous magazine covers.

“Social media has a great influence and impact on today’s world. Not only has it had a great impact on youth but also among people of all ages. It can change one’s life. It has a huge role in connecting people worldwide and making it easier for people to get to know each other. You can connect with new people, and learn about different professions, lifestyles, fashion, trends and opportunities. Social media has helped people broaden the horizon of their skills and creativity. In fact, it has established the market for online employment opportunities for all kinds of individuals in different sectors, more so in fashion.

For me, social media has helped people get to know about me. People from different countries know me now, and it really encourages me to work harder to enhance my career. I am able to present myself and my capabilities as a model which also helps me to get international shoot projects. I feel that social media has more positive impacts than negative ones but it entirely depends on how we make use of it”.

Facebook: Muna Gauchan
Instagram: munagauchan_official