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Parakram SJB Rana

A lifestyle/travel blogger and celebrity costume stylist, Parakram is amongst the new breed of social media influencers. Despite starting off as a blogger, he is probably better known for his Instagram posts. He has more than 15k followers and his Instagram shots appear to be mainly on fashion and him and his friends enjoying themselves in a wide variety of settings.

“The significance of social media in the current times is huge. The world is connected as a whole due to social media and this can really help people showcase their talents via this medium. As a fashion blogger and stylist, it has tremendously helped me keep up with trends and events taking place in my field which inspires me to keep on working towards my goal of achieving higher scales of success. It has given me the platform to showcase my work to the world and gain appreciation from those who like it. I started my blog @TheStyleVersatile on Instagram and other social media platforms and it has taken off since. A part of my income comes from Instagram, but there are several people who rely completely on social media for their income. Social media is huge and it is definitely here to stay”.

Facebook: Parakram Sjb Rana
Instagram: thestyleversatile