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Rehan Shrestha

Rehan is an Australia based menswear lifestyle influencer and content creator. He has collaborated with a number of leading international fashion labels, including Marks & Spencer, Uniqlo, Esprit and Marcs. His posts mainly reflect male fashion trends, travel advice, grooming guide lines and runway reviews. His followers all across the globe increases by an astounding number every day.

“Social media today has become a necessity, its changed the way people communicate with one another and express themselves. Instagram, for example, represents the democracy of new media, where an individual can devise launch and maintain their own content and audience. With the help of Instagram, I have been able to pursue a calling in the fashion industry. Like everyone else, I simply started my Instagram account as a place to share an assortment of my personal experiences through the medium of photos. Although many of my posts were always inclined towards fashion it was only after I arrived in Melbourne, did I realise the scope of this platform and what it had to offer. So I slowly started creating and communicating my selections, opinions and perceptions of fashion through Instagram and that has lead to where it is now. Overall it has allowed me to have some crazy unforgettable experiences, explore an industry that I have always had a passion for and meet some remarkable individuals”.

Instagram: itsrehanshrestha
Facebook: Rehan Shrestha