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Srijana Regmi

Srijana is a well-known model, an emcee and an upcoming actor who is best known for her content on Instagram. She currently has 37.2K followers on Instagram.

“Social media’s impact on our global society is too vast and pragmatic to sum up here, but I can speak about how it has affected me personally. After the finale of Miss Nepal 2016, I received an overwhelming amount of attention and support on social media. Although I had been in the industry for years it was this initial spike in social media traffic that has led my career to what it is today. It has allowed me to speak out about issues that interest me as well as share my own work with a large and engaging audience. Although I try to limit my day to day social media usage I still make a point to share and interact with people who follow and support me every day”.

Facebook: Srijana Regmi
Instagram: srijana_regmi_