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Is it okay to date your best friend’s ex?

Hrishant Bipashwa Rai
Model Scout

Dating your best friend’s ex can surely be a delicate situation to be in, but then why let a prospective love match get away just because your best friend had once dated the person? If it’s a great match, it’s a great match. The way you connect to the person and how happy and loved you are made to feel by the person is all that matters. Just because your potential lover had once dated your best friend and the relationship didn’t work out between them doesn’t mean it’s going to turn out to be the same for you. Different people connect and are compatible in their own different ways. But again, before going after the best friend’s ex, I think it’s also very important to have a talk with your best friend and ask if s/he feels okay any about you dating her/his ex. Respect her/his answer and value her/his feelings, even if they’re not exactly what you want to hear. If your best friend is totally over her/his ex, has no romantic feelings for the person and has moved onto another relationship, then I don’t think there should be an issue. Also if a person calls you their best friend then he will be open-minded and understanding enough to respect your sentiments and accept the equation that you share with the ex that he once dated.