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Hyatt WOW Women Achievers Award 2018

There are many women, who have achieved success but sometimes their stories remain unheard. In 2016, Hyatt Regency and Media 9 Pvt Ltd joined hands to celebrate such inspiring individuals by honouring them with Hyatt WOW Women Achievers Award.

Following last year’s success, the second edition was held on March 6 at the Hyatt Regency Kathmandu. The event celebrated the trials and triumphs of women in different areas such as entrepreneurship, arts, leadership and social work and one nomination is the Most Inspiring Woman of 2018.

The event opened its curtains with a motivational song by Colbie Caillat – Try, which showcased unfair beauty ideals and how one is most powerful when in their own skin. This was followed by a panel discussion between six distinguished women from different walks of life—Dr. Tseten Yonjen Tamang, the first women liver transplant surgeon, Sadichha Shrestha, former Miss Nepal and a MBA gold medalist, Samriddhi Rai, musician, Ranju Darshana, politician, Srishti KC, motivational speaker and Samiksha Rai, founder of pack my lunch.

The panel discussion moderated was by Amuda Mishra, Founder of Ujyalo Foundation. The women talked about embracing their individuality and the ability of making a difference. The talented Sujina Shestha performed two songs; a Nepali original which reflected the prevalence of women’s abuse and Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

Each category had three nominees selected by the WOW editorial team recognised for their relentless pursuit of passion and work expertise with a focus on greater change and leadership.

Award Categories

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Arts
  • Social Activism / Service
  • Leadership
  • Inspiring Woman of the Year 2018



Aayushi KC had a respected and well-paying job at USAID Nepal. But, she wanted to something different. So, she left the job with the dream of starting a trash-collection company. Everyone in her family and friend’s network laughed when she first shared the idea. But, she didn’t stop there, instead continued working on it.

More than business, she wanted to create a solution to the problem of trash collection in Kathmandu. Recycling is a more convenient option for people as well as the environment. A single dustbin is full of all kinds of waste and plastics are dumped together with organic waste. Plastic takes millions of years to decay and the landfill starts producing leachate. The leachate later gets mixed with water resources and will result in water and food contamination. Kathmandu stands in the seventh most polluted city in the world.

Aayushi did extensive research on her own and registered her company as a Kabadiwala with the Company Registrar office. Khaalisisi is a networking site that replicates Uber but in terms of trash by dividing Kathmandu valley into different clusters from where it is collected. There are more than 150 people now involved with Khaalisisi. It is a business model that hits the need for an efficient trash collection system. Her big vision is to implement zero waste in Nepal.


Srishti KC is the founder of Blind Rocks, an organisation which works for people with disabilities. She also conducts dance workshops for the visually impaired. Furthermore, she has organised various workshops for people with disability in Nepal and India and has also emerged as a motivational speaker over the years.



Shailee Basnet is the coordinator of the Seven Summits Women Team, a group of women climbers, who became the first female group in the world to climb the highest mountain of each continent. But this is not her sole identity; she is a woman of many talents. Shailee is a professional speaker who talks about her mountaineering experiences. She is also a stand-up comedian who has established Stand Up Comedy Kathmandu with Seema Golchha organising several comedy shows in Kathmandu. She also runs training programs with teammate, Maya Gurung for young female survivors of trafficking since 2014. The trainings support academic education, English language lessons, weekly outdoor trainings, and a monthly stipend in addition to the core programme of mountaineering. Besides all other factors Shailee is the first Nepali woman to participate twice in one of the most prestigious comedy clubs of America, Gotham Comedy Club.


Ranju Darshana became a household name as a very young and determined candidate for the position of the capital’s Mayor at the recently concluded local body elections. Not many knew of her before then. Today, she finds her journey beautiful and empowering. Politics is the path she has chosen and it is not at all easy. To establish cultured politics and new changes, she is involved with Bibeeksheel Nepali. Determined, focused and a visionary Ranju dreams of making Nepal a better and happy place. As an aspiring youth leader who dreams high she believes, one must have a dream first to achieve it later. Her greatest dream is NEPAL. Today she understands that politics is the only way for her to achieve that dream. She created a stir when she became a young contestant for the position of Mayor. She may not have won, but she gave fierce competition to established players. Above all, she became a force across the nation as a 21 year old who was ready to take on the challenges of politics and position to facilitate the voice of the youth.


Dr Tseten Yonjen Tamang is MBBS, MS (General Surgery), Fellow Hepatobiliary surgery and liver transplant surgeon.

Surgery, even today, is a predominantly a male career choice. Dr Tseten however sees that surgery has nothing to do with gender….nothing is for that matter! Being a daughter, sister, wife, daughter in law and mother is as important and fulfilling for Dr Tseten as it is to be a skilled surgeon who is known to perform complex surgical procedures. Dr. Tseten is determined to live a life that is meaningful and giving. She is unafraid of challenges and ensures that she meets every aspect of her life’s roles with love, compassion and responsibility. She is deeply interested in and actively involved in finding solutions to many unsolved medical problems in the country. Her immediate concerns in her field are the establishment of a medical registry, making medicine a professional organisation (properly represented and elected with no political inclination, and lobbying for well paid medical staff that will not have to think about making money while treating patients.


Rita shrestha represents the owning company of Hyatt Regency Kathmandu, Taragaon Regency Hotels and is humanitarian supporting social causes.

Sameera Uddin is the Director of Retail Nepal and also actively involved in Zonta Club and various social organizations.

Nisha Sharma is a veteran theatre actor and producer.


Kamal Keshari Tuladhar is the President of Association of St. Mary’s Alumnae Nepal (ASMAN) whihc has been working for the past 27 years as a non-profit, committed to supporting under privileged children and women across Nepal.

Blessi G. Dhakal is the President/CEO at WFWP Nepal a women’s NGO with the motto “Humankind is a family living n one global home, the Earth.”


Some Glimpses of the Event