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I am always there for you

My friend of 14 years is fighting to live. In dog years, he is old. His bones are achy, he hears less, he smells less and he can see less. But the one thing he has never faltered in is the love in his eyes and the warm welcome he gives us when we get back home. ed-page-brunoOur favourite things to do are to sit in the sun together, to play soccer, to feel the wind on our faces, munch on biscuits, and to make weird noises to chase away the birds on the terrace.

I remember the little thing he was when he came into our lives… chewing everything from socks to slippers, peeing all over, eating messily and when reprimanded the guilty face that could melt the meanest heart.

He makes sure to check on me when I am asleep several times in the night… quietly sniffing my face and walking away. Even when he is so unwell.
He sits outside the door when I am doing my chants… listening carefully, lulled by the meditative sounds. Sometimes I think he may have been a monk in his past life.
When he is ill, it breaks my heart to know his pain and not be able to share it. It also reminds me of the fragility of our lives. And the pain at the thought of losing him someday tears into my being. Like they say, grief is a solitary journey. A part of me feels – I didn’t sign up for this. He is meant to be my forever friend. But the truth remains that we all get old, get sick, and die… some of us even die suddenly. And it’s true that we will never really know what each day holds for us. But while we are alive, we must be the best we can be – through love, appreciation and care… and that is all I can promise Bruno. Yet there is only so much I can do.
There are so many reasons to love Bruno… but the one that stands out all the time is – I AM ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU.
Someone put together a list of things we can learn from dogs. So true:

  • Dogs live in the moment
  • They don’t hold grudges
  • They love unconditionally
  • They play every day
  • They drink lots of water and appreciate food
  • They are loyal and dependable
  • They are huge fun
  • They are curious.

From Bruno I have also learnt to be a better person. I have learnt patience. I have learnt kindness. I have learnt enthusiasm. I have learnt to love the little things. I have learnt that it’s okay to falter and fail, but the key is to never stop believing – not just in yourself but in others too. I have learnt life is not that complicated (true dog perspective – they don’t really stress). I have learnt happiness is in the simple things… and it’s ok to be lazy sometimes, naps do help!

Until the next issue,