WOW | Ed Page

I want to make a difference

I want not to be just another face
I want not to be just another life
I want to matter
I want to make a difference

Ed-PageEvery person carries inside them a story waiting to be told… behind the masks we wear is a person whose story is everything to them. Inside each one of us is a musician, a warrior, a lover, a nurturer… inside each one of us is the guide to how we choose to live this life.

Endowed with the power of choice, we make decisions every moment that take us on journeys of pleasure and heart breaking pain. The ability to choose is a powerful gift, it enables and it frees… and when not used consciously, sometimes it becomes a curse.

Most people forget to live in the present moment… they are either reflecting or comparing with the past or striving for an un-promised future. And sometimes we are so immersed in our view of the world that nothing else makes sense.

We are all different for many reasons but the most potent is the choices we make. And often the stark differences and the cracks in our relationships appear when what we want is different to what the other person does. We want to be understood, but we often lose our sense of sympathy and shared experience of pleasure and pain.

In life, circumstances steer our choices. Sometimes bad things happen to good people… sometimes life can get harsh and people you love become distant. Sometimes the days are long and overwhelming and the nights dark… sometimes the music inside dies and grief clutches the heart, yet we survive. Somehow we always survive. Maybe it’s time to pause and hold on to that which makes us come alive.

To continue to believe in magic and miracles, to live with laughter and know the salt of tears, to experience joy and to know freedom, to know that life may not always run the course you want, yet to know that it will still be alright, to know that making choices can often be hard, to breathe in gratitude for the gift of life, to create opportunities, to own yourself… all of these is what makes us human, all of these bring us closer to the purpose of our lives.