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Should your relationship be the only priority for it to work?

Ian Clement (Filmmaker)

It is hard to think of one thing that makes our relationship work as well as it does. We genuinely enjoy each other’s company. We have the utmost respect for each other’s opinions; we not only prioritise each other’s passions but also help each other as much as we can, to achieve our life goals. We both share similar taste in culture (film, music, fashion, et cetera) so we enjoy a lot of our free time together having long vibrant discussions. This is how it has been since the moment we met, and the fact that we have always connected so well is how we know we are in the right relationship. I think you should always be there for your partner, whatever their needs are; if their needs are urgent then priority should be given to them over your personal needs. For example, if I am with my friends and then I get a call from Srijana saying that she needs to be picked up. I’ll immediately head out to pick her up. Or, if I am late to get to an early morning shoot, she will take charge to make my breakfast. You need to be a team for both of you to have a happy successful life together.

Srijana Regmi (Model)

When you’re in a committed relationship and if you want it to work then your priority should be your partner (to a certain level). However, just because you are in love with someone doesn’t mean that you stop doing things you love. If your partner doesn’t encourage you to pursue your dreams, then it probably isn’t the right relationship for you. For me personally, Ian pushes me to do things I love, be it personal or professional. Hence, I respect his opinions because I know he wants the best for me. Both the people who are in a relationship should prioritise each other’s opinions but follow their own hearts to keep it real. At the end of the day, a relationship only works when both parties are happy being with each other. Ian and I are both very open-minded and supportive of each other.