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If you could be a WOW WOMAN for a day, who would you choose to be?

Over the years WOW has been featuring women who have reflected beauty, elegance, intelligence, spirituality, power, fearlessness and grace at its best. Tsering Phunti Sherpa speaks to some of Nepal’s corporate honchos to find out which WOW woman has inspired them the most.

wow photo file © Ram Tandukar

Sameer Maskey
Founder and CEO, Fusemachines Inc

Each woman on the cover of WOW has presented Nepal locally and globally in their own special way. They have redefined what being a strong, independent, modern Nepali woman means. At Fusemachines, we deeply value and encourage individuality. Hence, I would say that if given the choice, I would love to be Nikita Chandak for a day because she embodies positivity and authenticity.