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I’m Fat … So what

Geasjun Lokvit “Ghay” the owner of the clothing brand ‘I’m fat so what’ has an interesting story to share. Being plus size, she has set a different bench mark for the fit and fashionable. She is the first ever plus size stylist, model and also an image advisor. She studied styling at various academies in the UK and USA.

Geasjun-LokvitShe was once a regular size, fit woman but something happened to change it all. A personal tragedy made her turn to food for solace. The pounds piled on. And when she wanted to do something about it, it wasn’t easy. Her body shape had changed. Exercise and even medication did not help. She then decided to accept herself the way she is. The struggles of plus size are real. They are often at the butt of jokes and uncalled for remarks. They are made to feel guilty about how they look. Many people think the do not try enough. Shopping for clothes isn’t as much fun. As a result, many suffer from low self esteem and a hardened attitude. Geasjun Lokvit “Ghay” wants to change this. She wants to be able to show that life can be as much fun regardless your size. She wants to inspire plus size women to look and feel beautiful inside out. And she does this by example. On a recent visit to Nepal, WOW caught up with her to talk all things fashion. Excerpts:

What is plus size styling?
It is an art that turns plus size people more stylish, attractive and also develops in them beauty and confidence.

What inspires you to do this?
Geasjun_LokvitI talk for myself. Even though I am plus size I can still be stylish, successful and happy, so why can’t I make other people just like me and that was the start. When you decide to educate others, you should be well educated too. And I think I’m educated enough to deliver the right message to the people about body appropriate dressing.

Purpose of visiting Nepal and what can Nepali fashion lovers expect and learn from you?
I have a business here. I’ve been doing barcode business since 18 years in Thailand and it’s been one and a half years since we extended our business here. In fact, I came to visit this time for CAN InfoTech. At the same time, Nepali people know about me, follow me and admire me which means a lot to me.

For the normal fashion line I don’t know much because I am new here. But talking about plus size fashion, I realised here we don’t have proper clothes to wear and are also unaware about how to get dressed according to body type. Keeping that in mind I have decided to launch my brand here and am also planning to do a photo shoot with plus size ladies that I’ll select through workshops.

Challenges of being a plus size model and stylist…
Some people may like and dislike you for the same thing. You cannot control mindsets. I don’t care about people’s negative comments because my purpose is to inspire women and help them feel confident.

How did the idea of forming the online page “I’M FAT SO WHAT” come about?
Many people used to ask me how I looked so beautiful even though I am fat and where I buy my clothes and accessories. That’s when I felt that I could help others feel beautiful. Most plus size ladies are less confident and through my brand I wanted to inspire them and make them feel confident.

What are the top trends in plus size fashion?
There are not many fashion trends for plus size women. The most important thing is to dress according to your body shape. The problem is that most plus size women love to dress up, but they look for comfort rather than fashion.

Dos and don’ts for plus size women
Dos – you should open up the thinner part of your body, use long accessories, use clothes with different colours and patterns to hide your body shape, and lastly you have to balance your top with the bottom.
Don’ts – never wear loose dresses, it will only make you look fatter and expose your tummy. Always keep in mind that where the cloth ends the eye goes there.

Your fashion icon
Jennifer Lopez

Wardrobe must haves for the plus size women?
Basic black dress, a lot of blazers in different colours and patterns and one inner wear which will help you shape your tummy

Brands that you recommend for plus size women
City Shake and I’m fat so what.