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In Harmony

Text by: Ankita Jain
wow photo file ©Ram Tandukar

A beautiful blend of nature and luxury, Gokarna Forest Resort takes ‘resort living’ to a new level of exclusivity. The Harmony spa is aptly located in the hotel’s lush gardens. We are welcomed by friendly smiles and served herbal tea while we go over the spa menu. The music is the background is soothing and you feel as though you have been transported into another time… there is no rush, no concerns. We decide to try the Himalayan Hot Stone Spa.

We are led to the massage rooms escorted by the therapist who has a welcoming smile. This particular therapy is designed for indulgence and a 90-minute session is enough to wash away the clutter of city life. The hot stone massage is connected to ancient Mayan practices, but it is in India that we find its true beginnings. The practice dates back 5000 years to Ayurveda, a Indian healing tradition. But the hot stone massage therapy has become popular only in the last ten years and more recently taken centre stage with most spas and therapeutic centers around the world.

As we gear up for the full body massage, the therapist turns on soft music. Starting with the left leg and arm and then the right, the therapist’s gentle yet deft hands knead and massage every square inch of the body, cleansing and unknotting through gentle touch. The oils customised and soften the skin as it goes in deep.

The second round of the hot stone massage begins by relieving built-up tension in the body. This technique uses heated volcanic basalt stones to soothe, heal and relax by returning balance and perfect harmony to it. Heated stones are placed and moved on the body’s energy points and meridians. The heat is deeply relaxing and helps warm up all the tight muscles so that the therapist can work more deeply to release all the tense spots. The gentle hand, firm strokes, soft music and the delightful fragrance of the oil transport me to a restful state. The therapy helps expand blood vessels, increase circulation and remove body toxins.  This is followed by a 20-minute steam and sauna session. At the end of the session, you emerge refreshed and glowing and ready to face the real world once again. What an indulgence!