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Indira Joshi : The Singing Diva

A strong stage presence, a beautiful voice and sultry good looks have won Indira Joshi millions of fans and followers. She is down to earth in her approach to work and life, and on a quest to better herself at everything she chooses to do.

Indira is driven by her passion for music but beyond the glamour is a woman who is professional, hard working, focused and determined. She is warm and wonderful… a true singing diva who mesmerises her fans and friends and keeps them wanting more…

You are seen and recognised as a beautiful and versatile singer, how did your musical journey come about?
I used to dance a lot … almost everywhere from school functions and social events when I was a child and I was good at it. In this time I came to realize I was into music as well. According to my mom, my singing made her forget her tiredness and pain. But as a child, I was more into dancing than singing. I switched to singing when I participated in a competition called “Ko Vanda Ko Kam” on Nepal Television. I was in grade 4 and I had made it to the finals of that music competition… and that made me realise my passion for singing more than anything else.
Besides this, unknowingly, I’d say my mom recognised my singing capability way back. I remember her telling Ashok Shrestha (a musician) that he must hear me sing. He was also convinced of my vocal capabilities and we kept on practicing. It’s only later that I joined Doremi Music School.

Who have been your greatest influences in music?
I listen to and enjoy all kinds of music. Everything inspires me. You know my livelihood revolves around music and I meet all my expenses from my singing career itself. Now it has become my way of life.
These days I am more inspired by surreal deep and melodious songs, and my upcoming songs are based on the true feelings of a person, quite opposite to my previous releases which were more peppy and funky. My upcoming songs are personal and real. It is totally a changeover. My new song, ‘Boyfriend’ also resembles the youth and their feelings of love and relationships.

How would you describe yourself as a person?
If I look back, I had very low self-esteem. I was not confident. I loved music but I couldn’t express it.
Music has given me my life. I was just a breathing human being before and now the whole paradigm has changed helping me explore and embrace life with enthusiasm and confidence.
Today I believe that if there is an end to things, there is also a new beginning.

How spiritually inclined are you? And does this have any connection to your music?
I think music is connected with God. Earlier I wasn’t much into the spirituality but now I am. If you were to ask me this question after two years, I might have a different answer. Right now, I am experimenting on my spiritual journey.
Being a Brahmin girl, I always chant before starting anything new. I believe in God and think there is some power. And of course, I believe that my spirituality is reflected in my music and everything else I do.

Who do you listen to a lot?
I believe different songs touch you in different ways because music is so profound and vague. Mostly I listen to the songs of Aruna Lama, Sabin Rai…. But there are many others, depending on my mood.

What advice would you like to give to the newcomers?
Firstly, you must be sure of yourself and what you actually want, and to what extent you are ready to go to achieve it. If you only want limelight and attention you might lose focus and this may actually become an obstruction to your path of becoming a singer.
If you have a true passion for music, don’t let your self-esteem fall if you fail, rather learn from it and use it as a ladder to bring you closer to your goals. If you have the passion, even if you fail ten times, you’ll stand up and keep trying.

You are judging the singing reality show, Nepal Idol. As a former contestant of Ko Vanda Ko Kam and Nepali Tara, what advice do you have for the participants?
Firstly, I will say you’ll need many people in this field to guide and support you in many ways. Keep the right attitude towards your work and people around you. Sometimes you’ll fail and sometimes you’ll succeed If you fail, don’t blame others, and if you succeed, do so with your own effort.
For me as a contestant, it was a learning phase and though I only made it to the Top 5, I didn’t give up. A few years later I entered the same show as a guest judge. I was the only one chosen among the other entire contestants who were with me on Nepali Tara. You know sometimes, you can be your own inspiration even if you haven’t planned for it.
My advice as a judge and a contestant is always to keep the right attitude, enjoy your singing, sing for the love of music and fun because your voice reflects your mood. Focus on your riyaz with never say never attitude.

Things people don’t know about you…
– I sketch
– We are six daughters
– When I was working on my song ‘Rato Ghangara’, I had put my mom’s gold as collateral to make the music video.
– My elder sister Sarita Joshi and my younger sister Monika Joshi are my soul sisters.