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Inspire Fashion Studio | Antee Gurung

Starting out as a young designer, Antee Gurung has showcased her collections at various fashion shows and in the print media. Her designs are mostly inspired by nature and are reflections of the season’s mood.

She recently launched a clothing label, Inspire, in 2012 focused on ready-to-wear designs which are distinctly feminine and elegant. With a play of colour and texture, her designs are popular and successful.

In 2014 she was the official designer for Miss Nepal and also designed the gowns for the three winners attending international pageants such as Miss World, Miss Earth and Miss International. This year one of her designs was worn by the winner of Miss Nepal Asmi Shrestha who won the title of ‘Best Evening Wear’. She has also designed a capsule collection for ‘Vespa’ along with her partner and brother, Ajay Gurung. Inspire is also the official uniform designer for Himalaya Airlines.
Excerpts of a conversation with Antee Gurung:

What is fashion for you?
Fashion is a way of life. It is what defines your exterior while accentuating your inner beauty and confidence.

What does your clothing line, Inspire offer to fashion lovers?
Apart from Inspire, our in house collections and studio offers customised services which means we make everything that you wish to wear. We design for both men and women. Everything from formal to casual, traditional and also bridal wear.

Your fashion icon/ inspiration…
Olivia Palermo for her effortlessly cool style and sartorial choices.

What is your favourite trend this year?
Bell Sleeves and kitten heels.

…And what would you like to see disappear?
The 80’s quarter leggings with outer skirt. It only looks good in a ballerina outfit.

Describe your ‘I made it moment’…
I believe I still have a long way to go and lots more to achieve.

3 must haves in a woman’s wardrobe…
A beautiful dress, nice formal wear, and comfy heels.

What’s hot for summer 2017…
Laces and off shoulder are still in. Bedazzled jackets and slip dresses are hot right now.

What does being a woman mean to you?
There’s a certain strength that comes with being a woman. Most importantly being a woman of today, I feel motivated, independent and celebrated.

Fashion tips for the woman of today
Dress according to your body and personality. Be yourself because that is when you will be at your best. Don’t stress too much on following trends.

Do you believe in age appropriate dressing?
Everyone should wear whatever makes him or her happy but having said that, sometimes it’s important to maintain the decorum of an event or function.

How important is accessorising your outfit?
It is very integral to accessorise an outfit but it is equally important to not go overboard. You can go from elegant to tacky if you over accessorise.

How much importance do you give to comfort while designing?
While designing ready to wear clothing, comfort is key. However, if you are designing something elaborate and out of the box, there’s more of a creative aspect overruling the comfort level.

Can style be acquired?
Effortless style cannot be acquired but fashion etiquette can be learned.

Signature style
Casually elegant

One fashion indulgence….
A ring that has a very delicate yet detailed finesse to it.