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InstaTravel – Niusha Karki

Niusha Karki
Instagram ID: niusha.k.k 
Followers: 14.8 K

Niusha gives a glimpse of a fairytale world. Her photos make us want to book a trip to wherever she is immediately, and look as good in the outfits she sports.

Your best travel destinations

I am a child at heart and so I love Disney World, it is the happiest place on earth. I have visited Disney twice and am planning to visit it again in a few months. Others on my list are New York, Bali, Chitwan and Singapore, all of which I will visit again and again.

“Listen to your heart and don’t be scared to pack your bags and leave your comfortable space. The world is a beautiful place, it doesn’t always have to be scary.”

Tips on how to take amazing photographs while travelling

First of all, avoid selfies. The first step to amazing photographs are the ones not just with your face. You need some background to describe the travel destination and the vibe you are in. Other than that try getting cleaner pictures with beautiful backgrounds without strangers cluttering your photos (New York is an exception as the beauty is in its crowded streets). Thirdly always smile! You should never shy away from showing that you are happy while you are travelling.

The most stylish spot you’ve visited

New York definitely! You can dress up to your hearts will in the fashion capital of the world. From bikini girls in the freezing cold to suits, no one’s going to judge you.

Packing hacks that you swear by

I swear by the rolling of clothes technique and using extra bags, hats and any available pockets to fill in small items such as belts, socks and innerwear, it saves you tons of space.

Your preferred travel outfit for a flight

Anything that will be heavy to carry and take up a lot of space in your luggage, wear it! I do this all the time and it’s comfy as well.

Your favourite travel beauty essentials and accessories

I purchase mostly travel sized makeup products.
I also prefer to buy products less than 100 ml.
Also, I wear all of my accessories I am taking on the trip with my airport outfit itself (I am my own luggage sometimes).

How many shoes do you carry while travelling?

I wear my heaviest and the most space consuming shoes at the airport (but it has to be comfortable) and pack about two other smaller shoes in my luggage.

Next destination on your list

I might visit Paris for my birthday and I will surely be visiting Florida next.