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InstaTravel – SAMJhaNA KC

INSTAGRAM ID: keccystyle

There’s something about keccystyle’s posts that make you want to leave everything behind and just travel. From the beautiful rainbow mountains of Peru to Salar De Uyuni of Bolivia, her photos take you to exotic locations. Although she just recently started her travel posts, she is someone that every globetrotter wants to follow.

Your favourite travel destinations

I have been to almost 25 countries and few of them I have visited multiple times like Italy, France, London and Spain. So I have a lot of places that I really love but my first favourite destination would be Santorini, Greece. It’s very beautiful with all the large clusters of whitewashed buildings nesting at dizzying heights. Also, this is where my husband proposed to me. Second, I just fell in love with Bolivia. It looks a bit little like Nepal. Also, you can take amazing pictures at Salar De Uyuni, a big salt desert. Third, I would say the Bahamas, it has beautiful crystal blue beaches, white sand and the denizens are very hospitable.

“Take a lot of pictures, but before you go do your research follow travel bloggers to get inspired.”

Most fond travel memory

It would be in Cuba where I got to meet my husband’s best friend. Although I was meeting her for the very first time, we instantly connected. Also, I got to live my dreams to swim with dolphins.

Tips on how to take amazing photographs while travelling

If you enter the moment you can feel it in your picture. You need to have really good eyes to capture the background and visualise the angle, colour etc.

Packing hacks you swear by

This is the most difficult for me, even if we go for three days, my luggage is as big as for a month. Now, I have started to do my research before visiting a place. I first think about the pictures, then I take the clothes. Before packing I visualise the location and accordingly select outfits that would  suit
the background.

Your biggest travel fashion mistake

While travelling to Greece, I was not able to take matching outfits that would blend into the background. So, my photographs did not come out to be as good as I had anticipated.

Next destination on your list

This year it will be Portugal, Vietnam, Bali, Singapore, Austria and Scotland.

Travel beauty accessories

I swear by MAC from lipsticks to compacts.

How many shoes do you carry while travelling?

Usually, everything I pack is for photographs, so if I am going on a three weeks tour I pack four to five pairs of shoes.

Your preferred travel outfit for a flight

I like when people look at me. I want to look different all the time. Sometimes I like to be fashionable in places where people would not think about being fashionable. I prefer to be overdressed but not underdressed.