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InstaTravel – SANNA GURUNG

INSTAGRAM ID: hii.sanna

One of the most popular Nepali Instagram influencers, hii.sanna has been capturing stunning fashion images paired with her adventures around the world. Her feed comes complete with perfectly styled shots and the best hotels to spend the night in.

Your Instagram was mostly about fashion but recently we see a lot of travel elements. What made you decide on this?

It began when I was working for a clothing store, MODA. As a fashion buyer, I got a lot of opportunities to travel.

“Travelling can be intimidating at first but don’t let it stop you because once you get out and travel, you do  not want to stop.”

Your best travel destinations

Amongst the international destinations, it would be Bali as it was my first backpacking trip. In Nepal, it would be Manang.

Tips on how to take amazing photographs while travelling

Take fewer portrait shots and capture more of the surroundings. Try different framings and go for colour contrasts

The most stylish spot you’ve visited

Seminyak, South Bali.

Your packing hack

Take a lot of basics then mix and match.

Your biggest travel fashion mistake

Wearing a pretty dress to a bar when everyone else was in flip-flops and shorts.

Your preferred travel outfit for a flight

Leggings and t-shirt because it’s the most comfortable combo. I also carry a jacket as it sometimes gets a bit chilly on the plane.

Your favourite travel beauty essentials and accessories

SPF sunscreen and headscarves.

How many shoes do you carry while travelling?

Two to three depending on the destination. I usually carry a pair of flip-flops, sneakers and small wedged sandals.