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Is it okay for women to be paid less for the same work?

Riya Manandhar
Model/ Stylist/ Writer

Women are still not treated equally as men in society, and even though women’s rights are practiced as human rights, there are still discriminations in every aspect of her life. Being a woman I would not appreciate or feel okay about the gender pay gap.

Today, both women and men can produce the same results, have the same education and have the same ability to accomplish tasks. I feel a person must be paid according to the job done, their accomplishments and their abilities. The gender of the person should not influence the payment or even be a factor in the first place. Women are equal participants in society and must not be underestimated. This will only negatively impact the development of the country. Today, the gap in average wage between men and women is gradually narrowing, but at a slow pace. I personally think a pay equity act must be implemented by the government to fill such gaps.