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Is it okay to be friends with your ex?


Visiting Faculty, Ace Institute of Management/ Managing Partner & Co-Founder, ACT 360

I think it depends on how you broke up with your ex. If it was a rather feisty affair, it is good to be off the radar with each other for some time. But if it was a mutual understanding, then there is no reason why you should not have a friendly relationship with them.

Being friendly and being friends are different things though. Being friendly means, you don’t make a scene when you accidentally meet each other at a common friend’s party. Being friends whereas means being a confidante and sharing each other’s joy and sadness. I feel that you can never be friends with your ex as the boundaries between being friends and being intimate is a blur and is even more blurred when you have been involved in a romantic relationship before. It is a recipe for another episode of sorrow in your life.
Be friendly with your ex because they don’t disappear off the earth after the breakup and you need to mature up to accept the fact that they still exist. Don’t ever try to be back to the friend’s zone as you may end up causing more harm than good to yourself and to your ex.