WOW | Ed Page

January is all about new beginnings.

It’s a time to put into perspective how far we have come, to consider our professional and personal commitments, and to lay bare what is truly important to us.

Many of us have the right intentions; we set out right, but somewhere along the way lose sight of what we had really set out to do. Its okay if we are happy with the way things are – some of us may have stumbled into a new passion too, but if you often catch yourself wondering where you are headed, what you want to do and are dissatisfied, this may be the right time to set things straight.

There are no roadmaps in life. In fact, I believe there shouldn’t be. When life is so full of possibilities, why restrict yourself to just one way of doing things. But with this freedom also comes greater responsibility. The responsibility to live your best life… and the responsibility of leaving this world a better place.

It’s funny how time changes how you feel about certain things. The wisdom that comes with the years changes you as a person, your beliefs and the way you engage with others and with the world. Times flies faster… and you look at the world with love and gratitude in your ability to experience it.

When you are young, you are in a race to accomplish things… education, money, property, travel, fame, looks, life. Somewhere, a lot of people get caught in these metrics and never grow up. Life – as they know it – passes by left with a bank balance, collection of boarding passes, selfies in high powered meetings and entertainment shows, friends whom you really never came to know, memberships to exclusive clubs, photos on page 3, kids that grew up and went their way… Wanting any of this is not wrong, but identifying yourself with only these is bound to leave you unfulfilled.

Our greatest life – I have learnt – is to live to the fullest with joy and enthusiasm. To inspire and be inspired. To wonder and to be curious. To love without condition. To do good. To enable and empower. To listen carefully and be present fully.

Most of the time, it’s important just to be present in the moment. This will lead you to who you are truly at the source of your soul.