WOW | Musical Conversation


Text: Anushka Shrestha

Since 2016, Jatayu Records have been winning people’s hearts with their unique music style. Their melody shines with beautiful lyrics and elicits happiness among listeners. On behalf of the band, Abin Shakya, the producer, speaks about their musical journey.

How was the band formed?

Being friends and sharing experiences in music, we decided to work on a musical project together. Our first project was an experimental piece called ‘Leaving On A Jet Plane’. Overtime, we kept experimenting with different projects one after another which led to multiple collaborations till today.

How did you come up with the band’s name, Jatayu?

The name was suggested by our member Niran Dangol, the CEO of Jatayu Records. Jatayu is a mythological bird from the epic of Ramayana who died while attempting to save Sita. The bird symbolises honesty and bravery.

How do the band members deal with conflict?

We take every input as a learning experience. Each individual has their own personality and perception, it allows us to broaden our views and grow together. We learn from one another.

Upcoming plans…

We are working on our own composition.

How did you decide to blend ethnic and modern music?

Our members originate from different musical backgrounds – Eastern, Classical, Folk, Traditional, Western Classical and Electronic. It engages us in multiple ideas, we brainstorm, discuss, plan and experiment and we try to maintain a balance between both ethnic and modern music.

How do you generate ideas for your videos?

While choosing a song, there isn’t any particular criteria we look for. After we have decided on the song, we conceptualise ideas during sessions in the studio. We like to meticulously analyse the song and develop ideas for instrumentation. Experimenting with various textures and instruments is an important part of our workflow.

What drew your attention to traditional and folk music?

Each musical instrument has its own essence. We believe that each instrument has its own identity, beauty and scope to work with. The primary idea of our project is to create music that blends both modern and traditional instruments allowing our audiences to have an enriched experience.

How challenging is it to give a Nepali touch to English songs?

Considering the tuning limitations and delicacy of Nepalese music instruments, we face different challenges – during instrument selection, brainstorming for orchestration, finding professional artists playing these instruments and the process during recording.

It has been four years since Jatayu was formed, how have you evolved as a brand?

We believe we have improved tremendously, especially in the consistency of our music quality. We are working to improve on advertising, web management, marketing and timely video content.