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How important is it to have fun in a relationship?

Jayjen Shrestha

It is very important to have fun in a relationship. It is necessary to step out of your comfort zone and do something crazy with your partner. Instead of following the same old routine day and night, we can try to switch things up to add a little bit of fun to any relationship.

Actually I have not been in a relationship for awhile now. But there are some interesting memories from my past relationship that I would like to share. We often had unplanned days out… usually a short trip out of the valley. For weekends we watched movies, we loved to watch every genre. Once I surprised her with a small puppy in a basket early in the morning. When we got bored and had nothing to say to each other, we would Skype even though we were just one room away. We also played lots of computer games, cards, snooker and pool together.

I would probably search for a good friend in my partner, this would make the bonding stronger, help us get to know each other very well, share a mutual comfort zone and laugh like kids. In my thoughts these things definitely add fun to a relationship.