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My Journey towards My Love for Cooking

Krishna-Subba-1This is the story about Krishna Subba’s journey towards her love and passion for cooking. Read on to discover why she decided to follow this passion and start a food blog – www.krishnasrecipes.wordpress.com in her 50s. It is the inspiring story of an individual who dared to follow her dream and start pursuing it. in her words…

This is a small effort from my side to highlight my love for cooking and why I decided to follow it along with documenting my recipes in my blog at this point of my life. I am the kind of person who loves to do things that my heart and mind agrees to. I always try to figure out what should be next because for me resting is not an option. I believe life is too short and one must not waste it sitting idle thinking what has to be done, rather than actually doing it. And I think as a human being the word ‘dream’ is a part of our life and there is absolutely no end to it.

I am Krishna Subba Rindfleisch and I have been living in Munich with my family since the past 26 years, dividing my time between Nepal and Germany. I spent my childhood in India completing my schooling from Dehradun and completed my Bachelors in Commerce from Tribhuwan University, Nepal. I was lucky to have the privilege of getting introduced to different cultures while growing up and the travels, I believe, is what gave rise to my love for food and cooking.

The word ‘Cooking’ and ‘Food’ always fascinated me. What began as a hobby has now become my passion. I believe that food created with love is a ‘mirror to our soul and that is why I decided to take out time to put together all the delicious recipes I have learned along the way during my travels to different places around the world.

When you have a passion for something, all you need to do is hold on to it. Everything else just falls into place. I realised that at this stage in my life, with my children grown up and settled, I had to look at the numerous reasons of joy that cooking brought to me. I decided to write down my recipes, updating it on my blog along with using healthy, natural ingredients to create delicious and nutritious food not just for myself but also others who could benefit from the knowledge I shared.

My decisions, my experiences and my need to follow my dream has been shaped by the experiences that I have gone through in life especially, travel. I love to travel and among all the places I have been to, Europe remains my all-time favourite. Every place has its own way of life besides the culture, language and society. When I first settled down in Germany, it was quite tough to adjust but I knew that I had to find a way to adapt for which I prepared myself to be hard working, organised and realistic in order to live in a completely different culture. I am lucky that I was able to get opportunities, supported by my family, and this made me believe that everything that happened was positive and made me stronger. Years passed but the love for my country never faded for even a single moment. Hence, I am always inspired by our culture, heritage and history which reflects in my cooking as well.

Besides, writing for my blog, cooking for my loved ones and following my other passions for photography and home décor, I feel constant change is necessary in everyone’s life regardless of their age. I do not think of age as a restriction. I believe that, there is no age limit to a soul as it is timeless and full of vitality. I do admire those who have the potential to do something and contribute their part to bring a positive change in their life and others. It is not easy, but if we believe in ourselves, our dreams do come true.

Krishna Subba is a member of Bihani Social Venture.

You can read and try her recipes at: www.krishnasrecipes.com or like her Facebook Page: Krishna’s Recipes
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I do not think of age as a restriction. I believe that, there is no age limit to a soul as it is timeless and full of vitality.