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Text: Sachitra Gurung and Aakriti Maya Aryal

Teena Wang

A Nepali student based in New York, Teena is passionate about travelling. She records her journey in picture perfect Instagram frames giving us major #vacationgoal.

Follow her on Instagram: teena_wang

Is there anything that has amazed you during your travels?

One of the most amazing things I have encountered is different languages. It is always fun to work together to figure out what the other person is trying to say. Being able to speak English is not always enough; sometimes I show pictures or make up sign language to communicate.

What has been your scariest travel experience to date?

My scariest yet most adventurous experience was in Aruba. I was sick with food poisoning all night, and in the morning we (my boyfriend and I) had scheduled an ATV ride. He was so excited about the trip, and since it was in a different part of an island that I was also looking forward to seeing, I agreed to go even though I was exhausted. It was over 100 degrees outside, we didn’t realise how difficult the terrain would be or that our GPS would stop working! We ended up getting stuck for hours before some people found us and helped us get our ATV back on the road. When we finally got to our destination, it had been hours in the heat without anything to drink or eat. I sat down in the water and started sobbing from sheer exhaustion. My boyfriend met this couple on the beach who had seen me crying in the water and felt sorry for us. They brought us fresh water and some fruit. I still remember how delicious that apple tasted. Without that couple, I don’t know what we would’ve done.

How have you grown as a person and storyteller through travelling?

I have definitely changed a lot since I have started travelling. It has taught me the importance of balancing my time between work and my hobbies. I have learned that taking breaks from work and just focusing on myself in a different environment makes me so happy! I have also learned about different cultures and found that I am especially interested in their languages and food. The more I travel, the more I want to see!

What do your 2019 travel plans look like?

I have not booked anything for 2019 yet, but my plans include: returning to Nepal to see parts of the country I never saw when I lived there. Japan, Korea, Bali, Paris, Barcelona and Peru are few other destinations on my list. I am also planning on going on a few smaller trips within the US so I can complete all 50 states and spend my New Years in Palm Spring, CA.